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New California Law Protects Minors Using Websites

If you have a website or mobile app with users under the age of 18 then you will want to pay attention to a new California law.

Starting in 2015 there are new requirements impacting your app or website.

The first of which is that you will not be able to market certain categories of products to the minor.  There are categories you would probably guess: obscene material, drugs, weapons, and alcohol.  But there are others you may not have guessed, such as tanning products.

(If you own a tanning salon a huge bullseye  has been painted on your business by the state and federal government the last few years, with advertising restrictions and extra taxes not applicable to other businesses.)

The second restriction is that if the minor has posted content to your website you need to remove the content if the minor requests removal.  This is to protect children from making dumb and embarrassing posts they later want removed when they become old enough to hold a job.

(Don’t we wish we all had this magic button.)

These rules apply for minors who are California residents.  As a practical matter, to align your website or app with California law this may universally protect any minor using your site.

How do you know if a minor is using your services?  Apart from the obvious – a date listed on their profile – the law says information in their posts, such as saying they are going to the local junior high school, will be enough to give you notice that you need to comply with the law.

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Brian Kindsvater New Address

The Law Office of Brian Kindsvater has a new mailing address:

1024 Iron Point Road, Folsom California, 95670.

The practice areas have not changed.  Brian Kindsvater continues to provide the leading service for reviewing and analyzing noncompete agreements, and formulating strategies and  course of action in response.

Although employment related noncompete terms are generally not enforceable in California, it is never as simple as ignoring a contract and doing whatever you want.   Some restraints in an agreement will not be enforced, but others may.  One of the biggest factors is understanding there are usually other legal issues involved that also need to be addressed.

Brian Kindsvater typically does these reviews and consultations via email so his office location does not matter.  He has found providing a detailed analysis of the issues, risks, and strategies to use is often more effective than telling a client the same information, in person or by phone, because people tend to quickly forget or not accurately remember verbal communications.

Protect yourself, either as an employee or a business owner, by understanding that is allowed under California law, what is not allowed, and getting Brian Kindsvater’s exclusive strategies created from more than two decades of practice to obtain your desired goals.

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New California Non-Compete Review Service

Due to continued overwhelming demand I have opened an online service to review California non-compete agreements.  This is the ony time, and only place, my personal strategies for dealing with non-compete and related issues will be available.

Previously, this information was only provided to private law firm customers.

You can read more and this special service, and sign-up, at the California Non-Compete Review page.

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Law Office of Brian Kindsvater

Attorney Brian Kindsvater practices in California, emphasizing California employment law (in particular California non-compete agreements), Internet law, and funeral and cemetery law.

You can read more at his law office website at Law Office of Attorney Brian Kindsvater

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