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Brian Kindsvater New Address

The Law Office of Brian Kindsvater has a new mailing address:

1024 Iron Point Road, Folsom California, 95670.

The practice areas have not changed.  Brian Kindsvater continues to provide the leading service for reviewing and analyzing noncompete agreements, and formulating strategies and  course of action in response.

Although employment related noncompete terms are generally not enforceable in California, it is never as simple as ignoring a contract and doing whatever you want.   Some restraints in an agreement will not be enforced, but others may.  One of the biggest factors is understanding there are usually other legal issues involved that also need to be addressed.

Brian Kindsvater typically does these reviews and consultations via email so his office location does not matter.  He has found providing a detailed analysis of the issues, risks, and strategies to use is often more effective than telling a client the same information, in person or by phone, because people tend to quickly forget or not accurately remember verbal communications.

Protect yourself, either as an employee or a business owner, by understanding that is allowed under California law, what is not allowed, and getting Brian Kindsvater’s exclusive strategies created from more than two decades of practice to obtain your desired goals.


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